VOICE Gala raises money for restorative justice effort

VOICE Gala of Gratitude raises money for restorative justice effort 

Oklahoma City, OK, November 6, 2015 – VOICE hosted its third annual Gala of Gratitude earlier this month! While we enjoyed a night of celebration and honoring leaders in our community, VOICE also kicked off a fundraising effort focused on our restorative justice campaign.

VOICE has developed an informative presentation on the state of public safety in Oklahoma. Two critical pieces of our presentation are being able to have ex-offenders travel the state to tell their stories and the continued training of leaders we identify while giving the presentation. We are offering ex-offenders, who often have trouble gaining employment or what employment they have is hourly, a stipend to make presentations and lift some of the burden of taking off from work.

We are asking people to help us raise money to achieve those two goals. Click here and support our efforts to have meaningful reform of our criminal justice system! Your support will help us be more effective as this effort moves forward. Please give generously! 




   Guests enjoying their dinner.



Sundra Flansburg, Pastor Theodis Manning, Amanda Ewing and Douglas Holsted describe VOICE's work this year.



Pastor Ray Douglas and Vicki Miles-LaGrange accepting her Lifetime Civic Engagement Award.



Unheard accepting their Good Start Award.


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