OG&E Compliance Plan

VOICE is part of the conversation and action around OG&E's Environmental Compliance case at the Corporation Commission that started in March 2015. OG&E has asked the Corporation Commission to approve a plan that would raise rates by 15-20% in order to meet environmental standards, put in place more than a decade ago, with regard to regional haze.

VOICE has worked to share the stories and concerns from the perspective of the ratepayer. VOICE leaders have shared stories and worked to ask the Corporation Commission to hear the concerns of families while balancing those against the concerns of OG&E and their shareholders.

Media coverage: 

Public comments: http://newsok.com/public-comments-offer-criticism-support-for-oges-1.1-billion-case-before-oklahoma-regulators/article/5400235

Attorney General: http://newsok.com/groups-call-for-oklahoma-attorney-general-to-be-more-involved-in-1.1-billion-oklahoma-gas-and-electric-co.-case/article/5397908

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